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Benefits of working with us

Long Haul Key partners for your business

By increasing economic resilience and marketplace competitiveness we try to maintain a good relationship with the partners.

Critical Business products developed successfully

When developing a quality product for your business we focus on the critical success factors that could help the consumers.

Agile app development & QA

We use agile methodology that ensures rapid development and also provides continuous feedback on the progress of the project.

Quality experience for the user

Ultimate user experience is our goal and we constantly work for that. How our clients feel about the product that is most important for us.

Talented and Experienced team of Professionals

We have an experienced and talented team of developers that work on giving more than expected

Apps for all key platforms

To facilitate user we develop apps that can function on different platforms.

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Anyar App

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Meet the Team

Raymond Tsui

Ceo & Founder

Raymond Tsuai is an expert in mobile analytics, advertising and app development. He is the CEO & Founder of the company and a greatest fan of World Wide Web too. He believes that his team has the capacity to of transform every viable ideas and concepts into apps.

Billy Lai

Software & Engineer

Billy Lai is a dedicated and talented engineer of our company. He actively participates in all projects from beginning till end. He is direct responsibility for developing phone and tablet based applications. Using the latest device capabilities he develops bleeding edge solutions.

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